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  • Who is the candidate for Epiticon® forehead lift?
  • As forehead volume decreases and tissue sags, horizontal wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear while forehead contour starts to become irregular with volume deficiency.
    HERSHE Epiticon® forehead lift aims to address these concerns by targeting both sagging and volume loss, resulting in an improved overall appearance of the forehead.
  • Forehead sagging
    When the elasticity of the forehead skin decreases, it can give a sense of the forehead and eyebrows descending downwards.
  • Prominent horizontal wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead
    As the skin loses its elasticity, deep horizontal wrinkles and fine lines may appear.
  • Forehead appears uneven and depleted due to volume loss:
    When fat tissues shift downward in the face, it can reveal contours and create an uneven, depleted appearance in the forehead and temple area.
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  • Professional
  • Reason to be confident in anti-aging
  • Since 1992
    HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea is committed to provide natural and satisfactory outcome
    through continuous research and study about minimal invasive anti-aging.

    HERSHE thoroughly analyzes your personal aging symptoms and lifestyle
    to offer the most optimal anti-aging solutions bespoke to your individual needs
    based on extensive effort and experiences since 1992.
  • Personalized
  • Bespoke anti-aging tailored to perfection
  • Aging manifests differently in each person, necessitating a detailed plan that addresses individual aging concerns.
    HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea offers a comprehensive anti-aging solutions from surgical and non-surgical anti-aging solutions, from facelifts to non-surgical lifting procedures suggested by anti-aging specialists.
    Based on the extensive clinical experience and continuous research of our anti-aging experts, HERSHE is committed to deliver personalized anti-aging solutions bespoke to each individual's aging stage.
  • Lifting Program by
    individual aging stage
    From non-surgical lifting
    to full facelift surgery
    Bespoke anti-aging guidance
    by lifting planner
  • 허쉬성형외과
  • Q.Do you use Epiticon® threads?

  • A. Yes, we do. Epiticon® threads are patented threads developed by our representative director, Dr. Jung Young Choon. These threads are dissolvable yet provide strength, tensile force, and fixation suitable for lifting in heavy tissue areas.
    With just a small number of threads, they can achieve tissue lifting effects on the entire face.

  • Q.What areas are treated with the lifting procedure?

  • A. We target skin sagging and wrinkles across the entire face.
    Epiticon® threads can be used to fixate on firm tissues like the temporal fascia or move tissues from sagging areas to areas with insufficient volume due to the multi-unit structure of the threads.
    Therefore, we can provide individualized lifting treatment to improve various sagging and wrinkle conditions throughout the face.

  • Q.How long does it take to see the effects of the lifting?

  • A. The lifting procedure is conducted along the contours of each area, allowing us to freely adjust the position of facial tissues.
    Therefore, we can improve most of the sagging tissues and wrinkles.
    However, since aging symptoms have complex causes, additional procedures such as autologous fat grafting or facial liposuction may be more effective in combination to enhance overall anti-aging effects.

  • Q.How many threads are used during the procedure?

  • A. The number of threads is determined based on the diagnosis. For an entire face lifting, we generally use more than 20 to 30 threads.
    However, using more threads doesn't necessarily mean better results. Too many threads may cause pain and discomfort.
    Thus, at HERSHE, we use the Epiticon® threads with a multi-unit structure that is advantageous for pulling and fixing, aiming for an efficient lifting procedure.

  • Q.How long do the results last?

  • A. Epiticon® lifting has both semi-permanent and dissolvable characteristics.
    The dissolvable threads usually dissolve within 1 to 1.5 years.
    The longevity of the effect can be extended through proper self-care after the procedure.
    Additionally, combining the lifting procedure with other anti-aging treatments such as autologous fat grafting or facial liposuction can help maintain the anti-aging effects for a longer period.

  • Q.Will there be noticeable scars?

  • A. The procedure involves minimal incisions, and the insertion points for the threads may leave needle marks on the treated areas.
    These marks will fade over time and become less noticeable.
    However, if scarring remains a concern, laser treatment or other scar management programs can be helpful.

  • Q.What precautions should be taken after the surgery?

  • A. After the surgery, there may be bleeding or hematoma formation with minor impacts within 1 to 3 days.
    Applying light pressure with clean gauze or tissue for about 3 minutes can stop the bleeding.
    It's essential to avoid getting water on the surgical site and refrain from chewing hard and tough food or opening the mouth widely until fully recovered.
    Avoiding positions where the head is bent forward for an extended period and sleeping with the head elevated above the heart for at least 3 to 5 days is advised. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided for about a month after the surgery.

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