• From unwanted to desired
  • From unwanted excess fat
    To desired volume
  • Personalized body contouring and lifting plan according to individual body figure and proposition.
  • Dented & sagging buttocks
  • Transferring fat to the concave areas in buttocks, creating round and full contour improving the body line.
  • Flat pelvis line & sagging buttocks
  • Creating curvy body figure by adding volume in pelvis with excess fat from the body, sagging buttocks lifted up and tight improving overall body proportion.
  • Flat & sagging buttocks
  • Lift and contour flat buttocks into round and full buttocks with combination of fat grafting and thread lifting.

Provided 'example' images are intended to help understand the procedures.
Actual result can vary depending on the individual.

  • Improving overall body figure by slimming down excess fat to creating attractive buttocks
  • From undesired excess fat to
  • 허쉬성형외과
  • To attractive round & curvy buttocks
  • 허쉬성형외과

Provided 'example' images are intended to help understand the procedures.
Actual results can vary depending on the individual.

  • SLIM & FIT
  • Golden ratio of waist to hip using excess body fat suggested by HERSHE’s expertise in autologous fat transplantation & Brazilian Butt lift.
  • 3 months after the surgery
  • 2022.05
  • International congress of Minimal Invasive Surgery
    Lecture session upon release of Springer textbook
  • 2022.03
  • JETEMA Webinar
    Presentation on subject: buttock lift
  • 2021.05
  • Dermatologic Surgery
    Thesis announcement on subject: Gluteal soft tissue repositioning using polydioxane threads
  • 2020.11
  • Korean congress of Plastic Surgeons
    Un-tact presentation
  • 2020.10
  • 최소침습성형연구회
    웹심포지움 참여
  • 2019.11
  • KRPS 학회 에피티콘
    실리프팅 발표


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허쉬성형외과 코성형
  • Professional
  • Reasons to trust in hip augmentation
  • Since 1992
    HERSHE Plastic Surgery constantly strives and researches for the ideal body shape
    By analyzing your body proportions, body fat percentage, and skeletal structure, we provide tailored hip contouring solutions that are unique to you.
  • Butt lift
    by Dr. Jung Young Choon
  • Q. How long does it take to return to daily activities after the procedure?

  • A. The time for returning to daily activities may vary depending on individual circumstances.
    However, if you want to resume your daily routine without any major issues, it usually takes around 1-2 weeks.

  • Q. Can I lie down or sit immediately after Brazilian butt lift surgery?

  • A. Brazilian butt lift surgery involves lifting the muscle tissue using threads and adding volume with fat grafting and injectable. Applying pressure to the buttocks immediately after surgery can cause deformities.
    Therefore, it is recommended to wait for 7-10 days after surgery before lying down comfortably. If you need to sit for an extended period, it is advisable to stand up and move around periodically. Using a soft cushion when sitting can also be helpful during the initial discomfort.

  • Q. How many lifting threads are used in a buttocks lift procedure?

  • A. The number of lifting threads used in a buttocks lift procedure varies depending on factors such as the size of the buttocks, the degree of sagging tissue, and the desired hip line shape.
    It can range from around 10 to more than 50 threads. It is best to consult with your surgeon for an accurate assessment and recommendation.

  • Q. Will there be visible scars after a Brazilian butt lift procedure?

  • A. To insert the threads, tiny incisions are made, resulting in small scars.
    However, over time, these scars tend to fade and become less noticeable. The visibility of scars can vary depending on individual factors and skin conditions.

  • Q. What precautions should I take after a Brazilian butt lift procedure?

  • A. After the buttocks lift surgery, it is important to keep the compression tapes in place until the next appointment to remove the threads.
    To reduce swelling and prevent inflammation, it is crucial to follow the prescribed medication regimen.
    It is recommended to avoid alcohol and smoking for one month after the surgery, as they can negatively impact healing, increase the risk of bleeding and infection. Strenuous exercise and dieting should be avoided for approximately two months. However, engaging in light stretching and walking can help reduce swelling.

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